I've been using suse for a while now,(since 11.1) I have an ATI 4670 pcie card and it works great. I also have compiz installed, and full 3d support, glxgears usually runs at around 2200~2400 FPS with compiz enabled, even faster without it.

My problem resides in a small number of compiz plugins, like the water effect for example. Every time I activate it my screen goes white whenever it starts raining.
Furthermore, I have no anti-aliasing support on any 3d applications I've run, and I'm talking about native applications. The catalyst control center does have the anti aliasing tab, but it does not work even if I set it to a fixed value.

I believe this problems has something to do with an error or warning I get every single time I install the ATI drivers, (I do so on every kernel update.)

it goes like this:
warning: return makes integer from pointer without a cast /usr/src/kernel-modules/fglrx/firegl-public.c 2238

this repeats like 6 or 7 times the only thing changing is the last number.

The 2nd Error I get is:

warning: could not find /usr/src/kernel-modules/fglrx/.libfglrx_ip.a.gcc4.cmd for usr/src/kernel-modules/fglrx/libfglrx_ip.a.gcc4

This is a distribution specific package built from the ati installer. If I install the standard package, I still get an error about the setup being unable to write a certain file, because it is already there. This is weird cause I always install the drivers on the command line environment in init 3.

I have another partition with debian and I dont experience any of these problems


Can someone with more experience say if this errors are rubbish and can be safely ignored, or are they serious and possibly the cause of the problems I've been experiencing.

Thank you.