Anybody else having problems with Firefox (3.6.10) & only Firefox not printing under OpenSuSE 11.3?

- Printer / print spooling works with other apps before and after.
- Print management panel in FF works & appears to report correct status.
- Reports in FF as failure to submit job.
- Successfully printing from OpenOffice, Thunderbird & Opera (pages that failed to print via Firefox.)

There's a mailing list thread from this summer regarding incompatibilities between CUPs 1.4.4 and FireFox under OpenSuSE 11.1 / 11.2. Mentions a CUPs reversion patch that addresses failure to print. Can't find the thread again right now.

Thoughts, anyone?

- OpenSuSE 11.3 w/ Firefox 3.6.10, KDE from OpenSuSE repositories at today's current patch levels.

- CUPS is 1.4.4-3.1.1, also from OpenSuSE repositories at today's patch level.

- HPLIP 3.10.9, fresh install (required grabbing Reportlab from Contrib)