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    Hello, I am trying to install OpenSuse 11.3 x64 via EFI. I successfully performed a Windows 7 install and I'm trying to do the same thing with OpenSuse now. My system boots into the EFI shell. I can cd into the /efi/boot/ folder and run bootx64.efi. Immediately after I press enter I am presented with an ELILO boot: prompt which either eventually times out and continues or I can press enter and have it continue. Either way my system resets and just boots back to the EFI shell again.

    Running bootx64.efi worked for starting the Windows 7 setup but it doesn't appear to be working with OpenSuse. Is this a broken feature or am I doing something wrong?

    Any help is greatly appreciated,

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    Sounds like you need a disk designed to load to efi structure. I found some interesting reading here for openSUSE & a different distro:

    OSX EFI bootloader - InsanelyMac Forum

    Linux on an Apple Xserve EFI only machine the blog of Chris

    Once you figure it out, let us know what you did. Sounds you need to create a bootable USB key, taking files from our boot disk and some files from the Windows disk. I don't know if you are running openSUSE anywhere now, but I have a script to mount ISO disks here:

    mountiso - Mount any ISO file, intended to make a CD or DVD, to any Folder

    I also saw a thread on making bootable USB sticks, but not for your setup, but perhaps still useful:

    There now is an easy way to create OpenSUSE Live USB sticks !

    Thank You,
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    I have the exact same issue as original poster.

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