I need to make a simple custom highlighting file to highlight brackets, some regexps and words between "!" and "{$a}" for example. I created one xml file and put it into /usr/share/kde4/apps/katepart/syntax/ folder but my highlighting do not appear in highlighting section of Kate. I think I missed something, can u help me?
I made my highlighting file according to some kate highlighting manual and an example of GAP.xml file, so I'm almost certain, that it won't work properly. So I would appreciate if u could help me with proper strings.

this is my highlighting file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE language SYSTEM "language.dtd">
<language name="SumHigh" version="1.1" kateversion="2.0" section="Markup" extensions="*.pel" author="Pshkadko(tianeast@gmail.com)" license="LGPL" >

<list name="operators">
<item> & </item>
<item> ! </item>
<item> $p= </item>
<item> $a= </item>
<item> $w= </item>


<context name="Top_Level" attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay">
<DetectSpaces />
<DetectChar context="Commentary" char="#" />
<RegExpr context="#stay" attribute="Number" String="(\.)?|{\.}?" />
<context name="Commentary" attribute="Commentary" lineEndContext="#pop">

<!-- ======== Item Data ======== -->
<itemData name="Commentary" defStyleNum="dsComment" color="#009900" italic="1" />
<itemData name="operators" defStyleNum="dsKeyword" color="#00FF00" bold="1" />
<itemData name="Normal Text" defStyleNum="dsNormal" />
<itemData name="String" defStyleNum="dsString" color="#000080" bold="1" />
<itemData name="String2" defStyleNum="dsString" color="#00FF00" bold="1" />


<comment name="singleLine" start="#" />
<keywords casesensitive="true" />