I started a forum several months ago detailing how my gimp wouldn't load in OpenSUSE 11.3 KDE. After 4 pages of trial and error of trying to find why it would show the bouncy gimp icon and then eventually disappear with no gimp, I settled it by simply deciding not to use gimp and go with gimpshop instead. That has worked for a while. However, there has been lots of crashes and several errors that really hinder my productivity in gimpshop. Even though I didn't want to go through the pain of trying to reinstall gimp, I knew that the regular old gimp would be a MUCH better choice for me. So, here I am. I've uninstalled gimpshop and deleted its hidden home folder. Then I installed gimp. The install seemed to work great with no errors. However, just like last time, after trying to open gimp I simply saw the bouncy gimp icon for a few seconds and then it disappeared with no gimp And yes, I have tried opening it as a new user with the same results. Please forgive me for posting this again. I really appreciate all your help and your efforts to get my gimp working last time. Do you think ya'll could help me get this going again? Thanks