Meddling With Mozilla Firefox

The openSUSE Build Service provides a repository for all things Mozilla. Here we are just focusing on Mozilla-Firefox. Though using the repository will also provide the latest build improvements and updates to the range of Mozilla software, including: Seamonkey and Thunderbird.

First establish if you already have the repository and maybe don't know it. Even if you have it, it's possible you are not using it correctly. Open a terminal and do the following:

zypper lr -d

Like this: YouTube - zypper lr -d.mpeg

Adding the Repository:
zypper ar -f mozilla
zypper ar -f mozilla
zypper ref
Accept the key with 'a' = always

Here is a guide to adding repositories via the terminal:
How to add a repo in Terminal
To Update the Packages:
Updating via zypper is easy. We named the the repository 'mozilla' (just so you know, that's the last bit in the line we used to add the repository). This what we do:
zypper dup -r mozilla
To update via Yast > Software Management, use the package switcher option when viewing the mozilla repository. Like this:
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(The Gnome version looks different)

That's it. Enjoy....