I'm running 11.3 with KDE. I'm not sure when this happened, but I can no
longer run firefox.

If I click on the firefox icon, the bouncing icon appears, runs for a minute
and then disappears. If I actually type in /usr/bin/firefox, nothing happens,
and I get the prompt back in a fraction of a second.

I note that /usr/bin/firefox is a softlink to /usr/lib/firefox/firefox.sh which
apparently runs the _actual_ executable: /usr/lib/firefox/firefox. I tried
running that directly with exactly the same result.

I can run firefox normally if logged in as root. I can also run it via
/usr/bin/firefox and /usr/lib/firefox/firefox.

I tried uninstalling, reinstalling firefox. No change. I'm running 3.10.xxxx and
the problem _may_ have started with a recent update to 3.10 , but I can't
be certain.

I downloaded firefox 4.0 beta and it works, but it doesn't support many addons
(like flash), so it's not very useful to me.