Hi all. First time I post here.

Well, it's been a while since last time I used openSUSE (11.1 then), for some reasons I had to switch back to Windows... Now I finally updated to 11.3 and I was installing Wine and Wine Doors to get my Windows applications to work, suddenly realizing that Doors was not working anymore and the website was shutdown since July 2010. Doors did wonderful with all my apps back in 11.1 unlike Gecko, which gives me lots of trouble with most of the apps (they simply don't run). I realized that Gecko lacks several config options including the function of downloading additional Win libraries and fonts Doors had when started for the first time -I used to select them all-, and I think that's the key for the problem: they are needed for the Win programs to run properly, for example Dbabble. So I'm aiming to look for those files Doors downloaded and use them with Gecko or Wine directly.

Does someone know what could happen with Doors or if it's possible that it comes back someday?
And main question, does someone still have Doors working -probably still using 11.1 or 11.2? If so, could I ask you for a list of the installed libraries or most of them if you don't remember all?
Thank you.