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Thread: Dazukofs and OpenSuse 11.3

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    Default Dazukofs and OpenSuse 11.3

    Hello All,

    I am trying to install Dazukofs to work with Avira Antivir. However, I get this error:

    nothing provides kernel(default:kernel) = e85c07c27fdaed7a needed by dazukofs-kmp-default-3.1.3_k2.6.34.7_0.3-2.4.x86_64

    and I am trying to install from this repository

    (Lord_LT repo)

    I see that I have kernel sources installed: kernel-desktop-2.6.34-12.3.x86_64 and kernel-source-2.6.34-12.3.noarch.

    Can anyone help with what may be missing, and how to deal with it?

    Thanks a lot


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    Default Re: Dazukofs and OpenSuse 11.3

    Why don't you try asking on the Applications forum? This is for discussions of the openSUSE wiki.

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