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Thread: Whither sax2?

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    Default Whither sax2?

    In the past I could recreate the <xorg.conf> file with "sax2 -r -m 0=radeon" (or fglrx). After the most recent update to x86_64, sax2 has disappeared.

    I then tried "Xorg -configure". No joy there: tt crashed.

    What is now the recommended way to configure the display system?

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    Default Re: Whither sax2?

    Sax1 is no more none wanted to maintain it.

    Tell use about your video hardware and maybe read

    openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users

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    Default Re: Whither sax2?

    Quote Originally Posted by gogalthorp View Post
    Tell use about your video hardware ...
    opensuse v11.3
    linux x86_64
    ATI radeon hd3200 (built into motherboard)

    The open source radeon driver cannot be used on two of the workstations because:
    1. the video is constantly flickering,
    2. VirtualBox crashes at startup
    Neither problems are evident with the fglrx driver.

    I then tried the custom build that has worked nicely in the past. It fails to build with a compiler error. (Next stop: ATI support).

    I built the standard fglrx but for no observable reason it did not enable video acceleration. :-( Even with a quad core CPU 1600x1200 is slooooow without acceleration.

    I chose linux because of its reputed stability. Over the last 4 months there has been one problem after another with every kernel update. Now I have two workstations that are barely limping along because of this video driver crud.

    Another highly annoying aspect: The five workstations here have almost identical hardware, motherboard, CPU, RAM. The only difference are the disk drivers; some are SATA, some SCSI. Yet every computer has different problems for the same updates.

    TNevertheless, Linux is better than Windows.

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