I have just installed 11.3, rpm openSUSE-11.3-1.82. OpenOffice, which I use a frequently came up with an error message - "JRE is Defective".

"OpenOffice.org requires a Java routine environment (JRE) to perform this task.The selected JRE is defective. Please select another version or install another JRE and select it under Tools-Open Office.org-JRE". Clicking the "OK" on the third or fourth try brought up a spreadsheet.

I checked the installed version and found it identical to OpenOffice.org latest version: I then reinstalled and now it goes through the loading process and flashes a blank page, presumably the function selection screen without any prior warning.

I use a 32 bit PC with 512k RAM. When I loaded 11.2 I received a warning message that some applications might not work, but I went ahead and found no problems with any of the applications that I use. Installing 11.3, no warning was given.

I have gone through the posts and found only one similar where it would not load on a system with Gnome.