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Thread: LXDE problem under openSUSE 11.3

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    Default LXDE problem under openSUSE 11.3


    I have an EEE PC 1000H with currently XP and openSUSE 11.3 installed.
    I installed openSUSE 11.3 with the LXDE live CD yesterday and it worked without any troubles. Today after a 2 or 3 boots LXDE is behaving weird.

    The desktop is at the first moment totaly normal. But If you press ALT + F2 nothing happens. I can't launch any applications anymore except 2 I have a quicklauncher in the task for. (file manager and FF) But if I launch them I can't press any buttons, neither is there the black bar at the top which usually says something like " - Mozilla Firefox" or so.

    The weird thing about this is that I had this problem earlier this week after I installed openSUSE with the normal DVD. After one run or so the DVD was corrupted (don't know why) and I thought that might have caused it.

    But now since I installed openSUSE 11.3 with 2 DVDs/CDs (both images md5sum checked before burning) I don't know where the problem is.

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    Default Re: LXDE problem under openSUSE 11.3

    I think I fixed it.

    I solved the problem by starting openSUSE with init 3 parameter.
    In the console then I sarted X + writing errors and stuff into a file, so I can review it and look what is causing the trouble.

    "startx > log.file"
    then it kept showing me Glib critical errors which said that the PCRE Lib was installed without UTF-8 support. I removed the lib now and HEUREKA! It is working again!

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