Experiencing a weird problem: if I don't type anything for a short time - say 5 seconds, and then start typing I lose the first 1-3 characters (depending on how quick I type) - it's like it takes a while for the focus to come back on the window, and then the keystrokes are recognized... Same thing happens if I open up an app and then start typing in it - I lose the first 1-3 or so characters. Only workaround is to keep hitting the first character until it appears, and then continue from there. I can't find anything else wrong - I did upgrade to KDE4.5 a week or so back (in an effort to fix digikam but that didn't work) - other than that it's really native 11.3

Any ideas on what I can check to see might be causing the problem - maybe a process hogging the focus...? (sorry - bit of a newbie to debugging this kind of stuff - although quite comfortable using apps etc.)