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    Lightbulb Font quality

    Hello @ll,

    currently i use SLED 11 (32bit) on my laptop.
    I'm getting used to work with it BUT what really annoys me is the display and/or font quality in general !
    The resolution quality compared to Windows quality standard is just a nightmare. I tried already to install several fonts, f. e. Tahoma etc., and changed dpi, rendering (LCD) within "Appearance Preferences" but the fonts still look much too pixelized.
    So far i couldn't find a way to get a display quality similar to Windows look.

    Did anybody of you guys find a way to improve standard SLED 11 font quality especially reducing this kinda pixelized look ?

    Many thx in advance for your help

    Best regards, Ralf

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    You should post this on the SLED forum found at:

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    Default Re: Font quality

    Make a copy of your windows fonts folder, rename it to MSFonts and copy it to /usr/share/fonts

    Then set all your fonts to Liberations sans except the monospace
    Check your subpixel settings as required

    Ideally you should use the correct forum too.
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