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Thread: few KDE 4.5 questions

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    Default few KDE 4.5 questions

    I did a zypper dup from 11.2 to 11.3 with KDE 4.5 the other day and noticed a few changes in KDE 4.5 which I have a few questions about and can't really find an answer:

    Please not I run my desktop the old fashioned way, lots of icons on it, I think its what you would call under KDE: Folder view. (right click desktop, settings, appearance, type: Folder view)

    1- first thing I noticed was that you now have the + and - signs when you hover or select icons, I understand what they mean to do but to be honest I can do that perfectly well using ctrl + mouse click, so is there a way to not show the + and - sign.

    2- with 11.2 and KDE 4.3.5 if I held my mouse over a folder on my desktop I would see its content in a panel. If I for exampled placed an image on the desktop the icon would be a small version of the image. In KDE 4.5 I no longer have these effect. In Desktop settings - Plasma Workspace under Display the Previews is checked and under More Preview Options I selected the whole lot. But nope it not longer will do a preview, am I missing something here ?

    3- sometimes, but hard to reproduce, when closing for example Dolphin, it wont close right away, mouse will stop moving for about 1-1.5sec and then Dolphin will close. Not sure where to look for that.

    I won't mind entering a bug report at KDE but rather not do it if I simply missing something in the configurations.

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    Default Re: few KDE 4.5 questions

    For number 3 look at this thread:-

    How to fix Dolphin freeze ups for cut/copy and move -for openSUSE-11.3

    Agree with number 1 and (especially) number 2 - hope some one posts a fix.

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    thank you dth2, installed the dbus update, not sure if that is the answer though but time will tell. Will search kde forums for the other 2 items, glad its not just me.

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    as for point 2, seems its gone by populair demand: Folder popup view on desktop • KDE Community Forums funny how we all think different on what works and what not on the desktop

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