Hello everybody,

after updating my KDE 4.5.0 to KDE 4.5.1 (on openSUSE 11.3) the KDM no longer allows to login graphically as root. But to login as user and doing administrative stuff via kdesu/su/sudo + root password is possible. I know that it is a security risk to fully login as root but sometimes it more convient to login once instead of starting every single action with su etc + password. I searched in Yast and also in the KDE systemsettings for an option to switch off this behaviour but I didn`t find any. Via Google I font the hint to set the variable AllowRootLogin=false to AllowRootLogin=true in the file kdmrc. Since I didn't know which kdmrc is the right one, I changed the variable in all versions I found:


Nevertheless these changes are ignored and in /var/adm/kdm/kdmrc.sysconfig AllowRootLogin=true is automatically set back to AllowRootLogin=false.

What do I have to get back the old behaviour?

Thanks in advance
Jrn Behre