On Sat, 11 Sep 2010 14:06:03 GMT, jbehre
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>Hello everybody,
>after updating my KDE 4.5.0 to KDE 4.5.1 (on openSUSE 11.3) the KDM no
>longer allows to login graphically as root. But to login as user and
>doing administrative stuff via kdesu/su/sudo + root password is
>possible. I know that it is a security risk to fully login as root but
>sometimes it more convient to login once instead of starting every
>single action with su etc + password. I searched in Yast and also in the
>KDE systemsettings for an option to switch off this behaviour but I
>didn`t find any. Via Google I font the hint to set the variable
>AllowRootLogin=false to AllowRootLogin=true in the file kdmrc. Since
>I didn't know which kdmrc is the right one, I changed the variable in
>all versions I found:
>Nevertheless these changes are ignored and in
>/var/adm/kdm/kdmrc.sysconfig AllowRootLogin=true is automatically set
>back to AllowRootLogin=false.
>What do I have to get back the old behaviour?
>Thanks in advance
>Jrn Behre

I am going to address a horrible misconception here. Running a GUI
such as KDE had NOTHING to do with being logged in. Loggen in is
loggen in, running a GUI is purely optional. Only things like video
editing, image minipulation, playing dvds, spreadsheet dataplots, and
a few other sililar tasks require any graphics at all.

Without graphics you can still do all the things you need and many
more where a graphical interface does not make sense.

You are no more logged in with a GUI than without.

There is no possibility of success without the specter of failure.