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Thread: Problem after test kernel update ?

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    Default Problem after test kernel update ?

    I just accepted the latest kernel update ( I'm on 11.3 64 bit.
    I'm seeing a new problem with xterm - it often misses the first few characters I type, after switching to a new window.
    Anyone else seeing this ?

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    Smile Re: Problem after test kernel update ?

    Seems like several problems have popped up since the latest kernel update. One user shows how to drop back to the old kernel should you decide to do so.

    Cannot log in after kernel update

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    Default Re: Problem after test kernel update ?

    I also had the problem. I use a laptop with an external usb keyboard. When I
    stopped typing for while, the next view keys I pressed did not send a key
    Looks like the keyboard needs some time to "wake up". I had this problem
    only with the external keyboard not the keyboard on the laptop.

    I also had another problem: I'm using an externel monitor, too. This one was
    working fine, but the laptop screen was shifted (expect for the mouse

    Very strange problems (both of them). I downgraded the kernel, no everything
    is back to normal.

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    Default Re: Problem after test kernel update ?

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