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Thread: Bitorrent client? Deluge?

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    Exclamation Bitorrent client? Deluge?

    Hey! how do i install the latest deluge release from the repository? Do Deluge have their own repository of the latest release? openSUSE repository does not have the latest release.

    I am in search of a bitorrent client. i have uninstalled Ktorrent, i dont want that. in windows i was used to Utorrent.

    Please help me.

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    a very good and underrated client is qbittorrent, you can usually find it on the opensuse build service.

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    Nothing wrong with the Deluge version in the 11.3 repo. I don't need to be running a release candidate just because it's version 1.3.x and mine in 1.2.something.

    Deluge is easy to configure and does what I want.

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    I agree with FlameBait. I use Deluge. The version in the repos works fine. Not something that I find worthy of obsessing about.

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