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Thread: Using installed egroupware package

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    Default Using installed egroupware package

    Hi all.

    I updated to Suse 11.3 and, I must admit, accidently used Gnome instead of KDE, I'm glad I did. It's great.

    Anyway my question. I used yast, software manager, to install the egroupware calander and project manager packages from:

    Index of /repositories/server:/eGroupWare/openSUSE_11.3

    In the software manager the packages are ticked and listed as installed yet I can't find a short cut appearing in the application browser. How do I run this applications?

    Under Dependencies for this package in software manager I get this message.


    I assume I need rpmlib and egw-core also to run programs yet egw-core is installed.

    I googled rpmlib and searched with no luck.

    Had anyone got any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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    Default Re: Using installed egroupware package


    egroupware is a web based app

    Does anyone have ideas regarding a good year planner/diary app for opensuse 11.3 gnome?


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