I don't know why but sometimes zypper (v1.4.5) removes some of the installed packages before upgrading them. Actually it removes it even before downloading a newer version. I just wonder what a stupid ****** implemented this behavior. I wish something awful happens to him.
An hour ago I tried to update few packages, among those were sysconfig, firefox and yast. Guess what? Zypper removed those before downloading newer versions. Due to a temporary network connection loss zypper could not download packages and quit leaving me without firefox, without yast and, what's even worse, without sysconfig package which contains essential system scripts such as ifup, ifdown etc (so my network went down completely without a possibility to restore). It's a big luck there was no new package of rpm (or it would be removed by zypper too) so I could just download those packages with my second PC and reinstall them from a memory stick.
Now I'm interested where should I file this bug, because without a doubt it's a critical one.