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    How do i use gprof if i have to compile the application source code using make? A quick reply would be of great help.

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    I am no source code compiling expert, but surely if you need a quick answer, you would start by searching for this on the internet and reading all about gprof before you try to use it. I did find the following link which might be useful to you.

    GNU gprof

    Or, be more specific as to just what type of help you need or difficulty you are having. Just what over all task are you trying to perform here?

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    To generate the profiling information, we can use the -g option when building the file using gcc; i need to know the option to use to generate the profiling information with make.

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    I don't know any way to do it other than editing the makefile. If it is a fairly standard makefile done by hand, it should be just a matter of modifying the line that defines CFLAGS (assuming this is a C progam). If it is automatically generated by a scrip or by autotools then that is another story, it could be hairy to just change the Makefile, but it could probably still work.


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