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Thread: X Server problem

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    Default X Server problem

    I'm trying to get Altera Quartus II software working on my notebook (with Open Suse 11.3), but the terminal printout indicates:

    altera_installer_gui: cannot connect to X server

    How can I solve this problem ?

    P.S. In my opinion problem is in DISPLAY environment variable, but i can't solve it.

    sorry for my english

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    Default Re: X Server problem

    xhost + local:

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    Default Re: X Server problem

    evired@linux-31pf:~> echo $DISPLAY
    evired@linux-31pf:~> xhost + local:
    non-network local connections being added to access control list
    evired@linux-31pf:~> /home/evired/10.0_quartus_linux/setup
    Welcome to Altera Software Installer
    Copyright (c) Altera Corporation 2010

    Starting GUI. If nothing shows up, or you don't have an X display, run:
    ./setup --help
    for commandline usage.
    NOTE: All output has been redirected to /tmp/altera_setup.log

    After that GUI dont start

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    Default Re: X Server problem

    This is my installation log (altera_setup.log file):

    Fontconfig error: "conf.d", line 1: no element found
    Fontconfig warning: line 73: unknown element "cachedir"
    Fontconfig warning: line 74: unknown element "cachedir"
    altera_installer_cmd: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: XESetWireToEventCookie

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    Default Re: X Server problem

    I found the solution on this page:

    Install Quartus II - Fpga4u

    tnx to all

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