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Thread: claws and amarok suddenly not working

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    Default claws and amarok suddenly not working

    Both claws mail and amarok are suddenly not working. Yesterday I had to change xine's plugin to OSS for it to even play, while browser based flash stuff have no sound now. And claws mail just lost 500 emails because I guess it's just not working. I had to edit Amarok's and xine's settings suddenly to use OSS as the basic sound server to even work. This is all out of the blue. This is enough to make me use a different distro, if noone has any clue's to what just happened, yesterday. Or a couple days in front of that, in terms of nonimportant sound system. Seriously though, it's enough to make me install a different distro, I mean what the hell? Seriously I didn't download any messages from my web based system for 5 or 6 months, I try to, and wow suddenly they are all lost! It hangs on the last one downloaded! Come on opensuse, you can do better than that. It's sortof a jesus christ give me a break sort of thing. I'da been far better off sticking with Gentoo than having this **** happen. I'm just like, wtf? The sad thing is, not sure if I'm up for Gentoo again. Probably be better off with it though.
    Maybe a reboot will fix everything. I'm still posting this cause it's rather messed up that multiple things mess up at the same time. Hey, at least it isn't windows.

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    Default Re: claws and amarok suddenly not working

    Is this thread supposed to get you any help with your problems?

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