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Thread: Unable to Schedule Successfuly MySQL backup Jobs

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    Default Unable to Schedule Successfuly MySQL backup Jobs

    I'm running:

    OpenSuSE 11.1
    MySQL 5.0.67
    MySQL Administrator 1.2.12

    I have one database for my web application. It's using MyISAM tables. In MySQL admin, I went to Backup and created a scheduled backup project called backup1.

    On the advanced tab, I selected "Lock All Tables" and checked the box for "Backup Selected Database Completely".

    On the Schedule Backup tab I have "Execute this Project Daily" selected and the time 1AM.

    The target directory is set along with the connection name. The connection it's using is the same MySQL user that my web application uses in order to utilize the database. It has full access to that database.

    Now when the backup file is created, it backs up no data at all. Instead in creates files that are 580bytes in size. When I open the files they contain:

    -- MySQL Administrator dump 1.4
    -- ------------------------------------------------------
    -- Server version 5.0.67

    /*!40101 SET NAMES utf8 */;


    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Unable to Schedule Successfuly MySQL backup Jobs

    One possibility is that you are using incompatible versions of the programs. The default MySQL character set was changed from Swedish to utf-8 with, I think, 5.1 - it is certainly different now. That may be what the message is about.

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