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Thread: receiving mail through a "standard" mail server setup

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    Question receiving mail through a "standard" mail server setup

    I've set up a web server for my company. Being a simple man I try to let the computer do most of the work if possible.

    Through yast2 I went to network services-->Mail server and took the standard option.
    My connection type is Permanent, filled in the outgoing server information and got to the incoming mail screen.

    I told it to accept remote SMTP connections, open a port in the firewall and bypassed the downloading section since I just want to directly receive mail (I did however tell it I wanted a daemon to fetchmail). Told it to forward root's mail to me and a delivery mod of Directly. And finished.

    The system sends mail out but I can't seem to receive any. What did I do wrong or what else do I need to do?

    SuSE 11.2 on a HP-dv7-3057nr with AMD Vision 2.2 GHZ 64bit processor. 4096 RAM and 500 Gb HDD.
    Server is an OLD Gateway e-3400 with SuSE 11.3 with a LAMP server.

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    Default Re: receiving mail through a "standard" mail server setup

    As a rough guess you need to enable the user's mailboxes. have a look at the mail server section in this:
    Implementing Mail Services on SLES
    (How to ask questions)

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