I just read through this mammoth of a topic:
SUSE would be perfect if it used Debian Package Mangement

Yup...all 17 pages. Not all the links though! I did read the initial article though. Being fairly new to linux (coming from windows) I have trouble getting into some of the terms used. I have a vague idea of what a 'dependency' is, but I'm not sure. I think a 'dependency' is a functionality you need to have in order to run a certain program. Like 'OpenGL' is a dependency for fx OpenArena. Is this correct? Searching for 'dependencies' in the wiki didn't seem to provide any links to the actual meaning of the word in linux context.

More importantly I'd like to know more about the 4 repos policy. I don't fully understand the problem its meant to address. Is it the programs in the other repos or the repos themselves that is the problem? I often find myself looking for native games to install. Most of those I look at are not in the 4 repos. I'd be nice to know if I could install a game from a non-recommended repo, and then remove the repo again afterwards, if that would address the problem. Or if I should just keep my paws away.

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