openSUSE 11.3 ( / Gnome 2.30.0

gcalctool 5.30.1 seems broken? This is the version currently packaged with 11.3, I think. Whatever gcalctool version was in 11.2 worked fine.

Previously (11.2 / with whatever version gcalctool came with it) displayed memory register buttons under the 'basic' calculator view, I think they were labeled M+ and M-, where multiple register values could be stored during and between sessions. If I remember correctly, there were also a 'backspace' button and a 'clear' button. The current version does not display the buttons and there does not seem to be any way to enable them. There is no option under the existing menus.

Previously, the user config file was stored in ~/.gconf/apps/gcalctool/%gconf.xml and I still have my file of that name from 11.2 (same /home was moved from 10.3->11.1->11.2->11.3) and from the modified-date on the file gcalctool 5.30.1 is apparently reading/writing it, but it's not processing most/all of the included config directives.

gcalctool man page is a 2009 version and says the user configuration file is ~/.gcalctoolrc but there is no such file in my install, nor do I recall ever having seen one, nor can I find any man page clues on how/what to put in this supposed .gcalctoolrc configuration file.

If I try to get help from the gcalctool's gui menu: 'HELP -> CONTENTS', gnome-help opens without a file and says: 'Unable to load page' and The requested URI "ghelp:gcalctool" is invalid'.

Help anyone? Thanks.