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Thread: X11 freeze?

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    I installed suse 11.3 a week ago previously having 11.0 and kubuntu lucid working fine. My hardware has not changed.

    As of today X keeps freezing - the mouse pointer mouse erratically or freezes or dissappears, windows freeze (eg top freezes) and sometime (I think) keyboard events are getting lost so there are missing characters if I keep typing.

    At the same time one CPU (dual core processor) goes to 100% usage and this is reflected in top as Xorg using 100% CPU. The freezes last 1-4 seconds and are occurring every few 15-30 seconds on a random but regular basis.

    Obvs is making the computer difficult to use. My GPU is also running ery hot (nog charsI type - this is part of the fault) (but the fan doesn't seem to be throttled up to high, the fan is running though).

    dmesg reports nothing.

    I have an NVIDIA GTS dua using the nvidia driver and suse 11.3 updated as of yesterday. I am all out of diagnostics - anyone got any clues?



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    removing the nvidia driver and reinstalling it seems to have done the trick

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    Scratch that - I turned the computer on today and the problem is back and really irritating. I think the hot GPU might be a red herring as I have had many free and the GPU temperature is still low.

    Unusually the CPU spikes associated with the freezes affect only one of the CPUs - these spikes never affect CPU0. I'm at a loss to explain what is going on.

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    I have installed the latest nvidia driver by hand - so far so good but I have tiny but regular spikes in the both CPUs which I don't recall before suse 11.3 but not freezes yet. But as "reinstalling" worked last night I think there might be an element of chance so time will tell.

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    Default AW: Re: X11 freeze?

    Hello, the freezes are already known and our friends from the community and the engineers are going to work on it:

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