First of all, I have to say, today is the first day I dove into openSUSE and it certainly I'm no Linux savant, but for the past 3 months I've had very little trouble getting various distros to run by just googling around and playing with terminals, and with oS all I had to do was look up the repository URLs to get myself up to speed! I've been excited all day about this, haha.

So now I'm pretty sure I've made a permanent switch (now if only I could get Adobe CS5 to run...) and I'm quite satisfied so far.

But, there's been 2 nagging issues today. And as you can see, they've kept me up until daylight.

First, I installed the proprietary ATI drivers (I decided to switch to the open source drivers later, but...I couldn't find the repo anymore >.<) and it's been pretty great. I think. Gecko browsers have issues with unruly black bars, unfortunately.

So Konqueror and other browser substitutes have managed just fine without these issues. But I can't live without my Firefox add-ons. I'm sorry >.> I thought about importing my bookmarks and stuff from FF but I'm not really in the mood to acclimate to a new browser right now, not while I'm trying to adjust to the new OS finally.

Anyway, Seamonkey does the same thing. At least, I'm pretty sure it does. I know it's happened once upon starting up the application, BUT I can't open up almost any webpage without the browser crashing instantly and silently. As in, I go to AMO and CRASH! No error messages of any sort. The window just vanishes, more or less, taking its process and tray bar with it.

I believe the black bars are associated with the drivers, and I'm pretty sure the SM crash is not, but I'll let you experts be the judge of that =D

Thanks in advance for reading my wall of text >.<