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Thread: CVS and CVS Graph

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    Question CVS and CVS Graph

    Hi All,
    Can Someone assist me to configure CVS and CVSGraph in OpenSuse 10.2
    Please Tell me the steps to be followed, alternatively Please suggest
    the best tutorial which tells the step by step instruction.

    Thank you...

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    That will not be easy. openSUSE 10.2 is no longer supported, most users have already switched to more recent versions. Upgrading your system first would probably making things a lot easier. Have to say though, I don't have any experience with CVS/CVSGraph. Good luck
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    It is in the 11.3 repos if that is any help in making your decision.
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    Default Re: CVS and CVS Graph

    Hi I have the repos and I have installed the CVS, but wanted to have help in configuring the same.

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

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