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    Hi all,

    pdftk could be installed in the Suse 11.0 version, and worked very well. I love it.
    But recently, after I install Suse11.3 on my Dell desktop (64 bits), everything works fine except the pdftk. When I am trying to install it from Yast, it warns:nothing provides pdftk needed by, and gives me two conflict resolutions:
    1. do not install it
    2. break pdftk-qgui by ignoring some of its dependencies.
    Obviously, none of them are the correct answer . Would you please tell me how to fix this problem, or a substitutable code to modify a pdf file?


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    Report it to Packman
    But you may have to wait this one out
    There are some users who build for 11.2, perhaps ask them to do it for 11.3
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