I recently changed the video driver from the opensource Noveau Gallium to the proprietary nVidia driver. After doing so I notice that most lag in games and on the screensaver is completely gone. However the system seems to hang once in a while. It usually doesn't take more than a couple of seconds for it to get back on track, but its still somewhat annoying.

When changing from window to full-screen and back in dosbox usually takes a long time. Everytime I access desktop activity settings the screen goes black, unless I stop all desktop activity settings first.

I was told by other linux users at a 'sandbox' meeting I attended, that this was because of the proprietary driver. It is the fastest, but also the one that is worst integrated to the rest of the systems. Meaning that nothing easily could be done about it.

So I guess I'm writing this to solve the hang-problems, if a solution exists or to get smarter on the differences on the drivers.

I'm reasonably sure I installed the nVidia driver correctly. Everything points to that being the driver. I followed a guide by caf4926, I think his guides are very good. So unless I did something wrong it shouldn't be the installation of the driver.

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