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Thread: How to enable Compiz

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    Default How to enable Compiz

    Hello everyone.
    I have installed the nvidia video driver by using the one-click video driver installation procedure from opensuse.
    I can now enable advanced desktop effects such as snow.
    I also installed compiz with the one click procedure
    My problem is that after I enable compiz after using the

    simple-ccsm command and enabling the compiz

    none of my keyboard shortcuts works anymore like alt+tab and other shortcuts I have configure so far.

    What might be the problem?

    Best Regards

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    Default Re: How to enable Compiz

    Are you using KDE?
    I suspect you are. In which case you probably don't have Compiz installed and neither do you need it. KDE's kwin will provide effects.
    System Settings > Desktop Effects > All Effects
    Enable and configure there
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    If you want to use Compiz instead of Desktop Effects, first, disable desktop effects.

    Install Compiz Fusion Icon. You will probably also want to install Emerald (Window Decorator). Launching the Compiz Fusion Icon will start Compiz - I put it in ~/.kde4/Autostart.

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    Default Re: How to enable Compiz

    Installing and Configuring Compiz

    13.) For KDE4 users, To set compiz as the default window manager open Configure Desktop (Personal Settings). Then click Default Applications. Click Window Manager and choose Use a different window manager. Use the drop down menu to choose Compiz (not Compiz custom).
    Edit: I sent a request for caf to include the link for 11.3. To verify the repository should be:

    Take Care,

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