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Thread: Cairo-Dock (with OpenGL and no OpenGL) problems

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    Default Cairo-Dock (with OpenGL and no OpenGL) problems

    Hi. I have installed the new Suse 11.3 32 bit system with the Gnome desktop. and have installed Cairo-Dock and it's plugins. Both no OpenGL and with OpenGL loads work for a while and then after applications are used whenever you point at an icon on the Cairo dock bar it refers to the wrong icon. (eg when I try to pick up Firefox it will show and load the application 1,2, or 3 icons to it's right.)
    I have to close Cairo and reload it to have it back to normal again. Then within running a few application it again goes out of sync.
    I believe there are other problems with it but this one doesn't seem to be listed.
    The (no OpenGL) worked fine on this computer while I was still running 11.2.

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    Default Re: Cairo-Dock (with OpenGL and no OpenGL) problems

    Hello garthkayhards,

    I first noticed this in 11.3rcX, that is after patching "gtkglext", so that cairo-dock would build. I had hoped it would work right after seeing an update to gtkglext. Same problem.

    I have not put any real effort in understanding the problem, I can only say that it's the same for me.


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