as the most expressive thread title suggests, i have issues with the oowriter
so where do i start ?
first of all nearly all customizing options (the one where you can set up keyboard shortcuts etc.) aren't working "at all" i know they did WAY before, i did try millions of combinations but once i entered something i won't work :s even deleting shortcuts won't resulting in a "non-usable" key <.<
further explanation or as well an example of my issue:
i want to set up enter/return/eingabe to break the line(manually) its default setting is insert paragraph i guess, i do now that i could set up "insert line break" or something similar in the past.
the issue here is that if i change it according to my likings return still puts out paragraphs (i can confirm it with the nonprinting characters enabled).
i did somehow try to delete my actual settings to try if it works in default, and it somehow does, the problem, once i opened a old before existing document it won't work anymore as it "should"
i did try to find out if i somehow enabled -for-document- settings but i didn't furthermore i should mention that i disabled nearly every auto-formatting(aids) except for custom hyphens and thats it.
so my configuration is somehow limited to restricted auto-aid functions and the change of times new roman to droid sans (though i don't think that matters in my case)
i cant debug the issue further because i'm unable (for now at least) to use some debugging option, i recognized that running oowriter in the console doesn't do anyting special except for running the x-application and then closing the line
hm ok that aren't that much issues as i thought of in the beginning :s
but they somehow realy are disturbing. especially if you want to write a longer wall and have custom paragraphs in there which don't make use of custom spaces between them (though i cant disable it alltogether because a different case calls for them and so on)

to mention it, i'm willing to try everything editing textfiles or whatever (though i searched for the settings-files, found them and changed them and nothing happened at all).
i clearly say that i searched the forums, googled and so on but somehow everybody has other issues, nobody uses oowriter or i'm the only dumb guy with this problem

further information:
using opensuse 11.3 with the gnome-de (yeah yeah using kde on me desktop)
openoffice_org-writer gives me the information that its in version
and it comes from the openSUSE repositories
if any additional information is required, i will surely provide them but i cant think of other important things right now.
i didn't filed a bugreport now, because i still hope that it isn't a bug but a just concidence happening with my molten mind.

Thanks in advance

p.s. my first post, hopefully not my last as i don't want to be a one-issue poster thats looked up on google =(