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Thread: Vuze updated and is not working correctly.

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    Default Vuze updated and is not working correctly.

    Vuze downloaded an update, and now everytime I use it keeps telling me to re start for the update to have an effect. When I re start, same thing happens again tells me it needs to restart.

    I'm using Gnome and openSUSE 11.3. I checked older posts for a solution it seems this has happened before. Do I just wait for a new version to come out of the repos?
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    Default Re: Vuze updated and is not working correctly.

    Hello chrispche,

    I stopped using the packaged version from the repos several years ago. I don't really know why, but they are problematic. Azureus, ... ah Vuze ..., is a pure Java application ... the only benefit from installing an rpm is the creation of an vuze.desktop file (e.g. it shows up in the menu structure automatically). I just run azureus directly from a directory in my $HOME. It updates itself as needed. When I change or upgrade the os, I just keep using the same directory. And creating a launcher to add to the menu takes all of a minute, assuming of course that you become very confused while doing so ... otherwise ... a few seconds.

    Just download from thier website; expand the package in your home directory; run the azureus/vuze script to start the application; configure you preferences ... and you are done forever ... and it always just works!

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