I have a HP NX8220 notebook (ATI Mobility Radeon X600 graphic card), connected to an additional external monitor. Opensuse 11.3 fine detects the second monitor, but I have two problems:

1. I can configure the second monitor and have an extended screen (over both monitors - moving the mouse from one to another) using the Monitor settings utility. BUT this only works, as long as Desktop effects are disabled :-( When I enable them, the second monitor displays the extended screen, but only on one half of the screen, the other half is "rubbished"! So I look for a configuration, which allows me the described setup with Desktop effects enabled.

2. Even in the setup described under 1. I am not able to define which monitor is the primary one. That means, I always have the menus on the laptop display, but I want them on the external monitor.

Any ideas?