Dear all,

Using Thunderbird 3.0.6 under OpenSuse 11.2 worked without a problem. I have installed Opensuse 11.3 (freshly on a new partition) and I found that Thunderbird 3.0.6 is NOT connection with the same server. I used the old configuration (~/.thunderbird) from the 11.2 partition first to no avail, later remove the ~/.thunderbird link to make a clean start with Thunderbird, also to no avail.

I see some traffic coming on the server from my new 11.3 machine, but the courier IMAP server doe not respond at all.

So, same configuration, same Thunderbird version, difference is only 11.3 versus 11.2.

I now returned to 11.2 back again without any changes. So, anybody has a suggestion?

Regards, Frans.