- Firefox 3.6.8 (64 bit)
- Get Mail extension (v3.3.4),
- Thunderbird (3.1.1)

Clicking "Read Mail" does nothing, whereas clicking "Compose Message" opens Thunderbird as expected. Thunderbird is properly configured under "System Settings > Default Apps > Email Client".

Whereas, switching the default email client back to Kmail results in the Get Mail "read mail" and "compose message" functions properly opening Kmail in both instances.

This problem occurred for me before (when using openSUSE v11.1 and earlier versions of the apps), but I don't recall how I eventually solved it, or whether it was resolved via an update of one of the above apps/extensions. Nonetheless, I'm now confronted by the very same problem again - ugh

Anyone else affected, and/or know the solution? Thanks.