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Thread: SELinux - No setroubleshoot packages?

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    Default SELinux - No setroubleshoot packages?

    I see Suse 11.3 now includes SE Linux as an additional option to AppArmour which is great, I've wanted SE Linux in Suse.

    However, I see there are no packages available for


    Which provide the (very useful) sealert utility. I looked at using the RHEL rpms from pbone, but the dependencies start to get a bit nasty.

    Does anyone know if the setroubleshoot packages are available someplace, or will be available soon?


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    Default Re: SELinux - No setroubleshoot packages?

    I've just had a look via webpin. Strange that the search did not yield the packages, but after searching for opensuse 11.2 packages, I then navigated manually to

    Index of /repositories/security:/SELinux/openSUSE_11.3

    The setroubleshoot and setroubleshoot-server packages are present. (The first did not seem to be there yet).

    So go on, inflict yourself with the pain that is SELinux ;-)

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    Default Re: SELinux - No setroubleshoot packages?

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the suggestion on the Secuirty repo - that is great, but unfortunatly is still runs into a bit of a snarly unresolved dependancy, requiring setools-libs-python which is not available. I found it for Fedora 12 and 13, but that of course requires various other packages not in the Suse repos. Oh well, looks like the plans to implment SELinux are still in their infancy.

    (It looks like setools-libs-python is required for setroubleshoot-server, and not setroubleshoot, but ignoring is causes sealert to fail. While there is a python-setools pacakge available, but it does not contain the right python libarary being asked for.)

    Lews Therin

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