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Thread: Nautilus keeps restarting

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    Angry Nautilus keeps restarting

    I can't close Nautilus - it just keeps reopening all by it's self.
    The cursor is stuck on "busy" (in all apps) which means something's running wild.

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    Default Re: Nautilus keeps restarting

    That's strange. Does it launch by itself, or does this start when you open a Nautilus window? Logging off should end any running Nautilus procs. If this continues in a new session, look at the output of top. Is Nautilus using a high amount of resources? Kill the offending proc with

    kill <pid>

    where '<pid>' is the number in the first column of top. If this doesn't stop it force the kill with

    kill -9 <pid>

    If the windows stop launching, see what happens when you open a new Nautilus window. Post back here with the details.

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