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Thread: Help with GNUBIFF Authorizations

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    Default Help with GNUBIFF Authorizations

    I notice that every time I either reboot or power up the system I get a authorization request to enter my email address an password for GNUBiff. I've never seen this before on Debian distributions and was wondering if this is particular for RPMS? Is there a way to correct this so it will automatically load up without me having to enter this each and every time? Thank You.

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    I tried to edit this post but can't seem to find where to do it. It is not Authorization but Authentication.

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    Well I downloaded source and recompiled it but it is still doing the same thing. I found that someone on Fedora was having the same issues. Is anyone out there using this under version 11.3 with out problems and if so where did you get the rpm program from. Thanks.

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