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Thread: sysinfo causing reboot

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    Default sysinfo causing reboot

    Just installed openSUSE after being away from Linux for a while. All my hardware seems to be working fine and everything is smooth sailing except when I run sysinfo through the hardware information button in yast. It gets to about %50 then the computer reboots and I loose everything I was doing. Since it reboots there's no error messages to work from and I’m at a bit of a loss. Is this the right sub-forum for this question and if so any help is appreciated.

    I’m using opensuse 11.3 with kde 4

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    Default Re: sysinfo causing reboot

    kepta wrote:
    > It gets to about %50 then the computer reboots

    if that happens every time you run it you need to (SOON!) log a bug,

    others seem to be having troubles with that YaST module..

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