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    I have Suse 11.3 Gnome installed. I install some KDE apps. The text is small.What do I have to install to get Systemsettings?

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    fred0843, someone else may come in with a better idea, but I suggest you install the KDE desktop and then you can switch to it and make any program adjustments that you want.

    I use KDE, but the reveres is true for me. I have installed the Gnome desktop which allows more programs to function (such as Banshee or even Miro). It is possible to make them work without the whole desktop, but I have found they just start working with little work when the entire desktop is loaded, even when you do not use that desktop.

    Unless you are low on disk space, its no big deal to have both desktops loaded. As an added benefit, if you blow up Gnome, you might be able to use KDE to get it back. I remember doing the opposite after blowing up KDE once.

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