I have a problem going on with my openSUSE 11.3 issue and Gnome-Shell. The situation is:
  1. I am running openSUSE 11.3 (installed from Live CD) and Gnome-Shell desktop environment. I'm pretty sure it is up-to-date with upgrades/patches.
  2. System is running on Dell D400 laptop (Pent. M @1.8 GHz, 1GB Ram), which has an Intel graphic chip (i815) somewhat effected by the 855G issue.
  3. At intermittent times (haven't figured a rhyme or reason yet), the screen will freeze. Mouse will move, but mouse clicks and key strokes do nothing
  4. I can Cntl+Alt+F2 into a terminal and log in as root
  5. Killing an open application and returning to the GUI (F7), nothing changes on the screen (not refreshing?)
  6. If I kill the gnome-session it will blank the screen, then cycle through turning the screen on (blank) and turning it off. I suspect it is turning it on, trying to start X or GDM, failing, turn off and try again.
  7. This issue hasn't cropped up on the same machine running Fedora 13 and Gnome-shell IIRC.

So I don't know if it is Gnome-Shell or the Intel graphic causing the problem. If it is the Gnome-shell then I definitely want to submit a bug, if it is the Intel then I should just update the existing report.

At that point, what can I do? How can I either fix it, or discern helpful information on what is going on?

disclaimer: I am not in front of the machine at this time, it is at home.