Right... after having far too many problems with other brown-coloured distros, I moved my MythTV box to SuSE (what all the other machines here use).

Everything is working, EXCEPT for one thing: automatic idle shutdown.

I cannot get MythWelcome to shut down the machine automatically (choosing shutdown now from it's menu does work). The log shows
sudo: sorry, a password is required to run sudo (sudo -n)
or the infamous "no tty and no askpass". (plain sudo)

I have added /sbin/shutdown to the sudoers file, and I can run sudo /sbin/shutdown -h now from the terminal and shutdown without a password... but sudo will NOT run from mythtv.

I've even tried adding a special exception to the sudoers file, "Defaults !requiretty" with no luck.

This is a dedicated frontend/backend with no user access (doesn't boot a desktop manager; goes straight to Mythtv) so I'm no too worried about potential security; the machine is on a LAN and cannot be accessed from the WAN side.

What can I do?