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Thread: 11.3: Changing <super> key from <alt> to <windows logo>?

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    Default 11.3: Changing <super> key from <alt> to <windows logo>?

    2.6.34-12-desktop x86_64
    Gnome 2.30

    Somewhere there is a setting that allows me to choose between the <alt> key and the "windows logo" key as the <super> key. The upgrade from v11.2 has changed it to the default <alt> key and I cannot find where the setting is.

    "keyboard" was an obvious choice. Not there. I have looked through a lot of the other, less obvious desktop settings without success.

    Anyone know where the setting option for the <super> key is?

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    Default Re: 11.3: Changing <super> key from <alt> to <windows logo>?

    It is Systemsettings > Regional and Language > Keyboard Layout

    ETA: Forget about that. I cannot read. Sorry.

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