Would someone know how I can make a ctrl + right click or similar such event call a certain shell script with some argument? I have tried adding this modifier for Xterm, inside my .Xresources and .Xdefaults-<my-host-name> files to no avail


~Ctrl ~Shift<Btn3Down>:string("path_to_script ") insert-selection(CUT_BUFFER0) string(0x0d) \n\
Shift<Btn3Down>:string("path_to_another_script ") insert-selection(CUT_BUFFER0) string(0x0d)\n\
I am not sure I am getting the syntax correct. Also how do i confirm that when I boot into KDE, the config file has been read by the system...is there a way to echo some text from inside the config file?

I know it works, because the person who was helping me set this up also runs kubuntu and uses tcsh, I also wish to do the same. My system is openSUSE11.2, running on a HP laptop. I would appreciate any pointers to know whats going on!