Jumping in on this thread.
Machine 1 -Using opensuse 11.2 64-bit. [using for the last 2 months]
Machine 2 -Using opensuse 11.2 .32-bit
Have been having weird freeze up for a couple of weeks now on Machine 1.
When it freezes I have to manually turn off computer.
When I restart everything is ok for a bit.
Nothing much has changed, software wise, but I have changed my comtrend modem for a tp-link 8616[heat issue b4]and my router from a Linksys befsx41 to a Linksys WRT54G [am purchasing an Asus rt16N [week's time]].
It was suggested [by isp] that the router maybe the problem 'cos when one computer froze, so did the other [in that I had the connection to the Internet was dropped on Machine 2 @ the time Machine 1 froze up.]
The one thing that seems to make a difference is whether the screen saver is off or on. [Machine 1]
on = freeze
off = ok [so far as it has been off for a 5 hours and I haven't had a freeze.]
Anyway, if anyone has a suggestion or comment, on this I would like to hear it. If there is anyway to confirm wot is causing this, I would like to know.
Thank You